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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  January 31, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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where police announced an arrest. he is the man whose body was pulled from a well over the weekend. >> matt joins us live from prince georges county police headquarters with the latest. matt. >> lesli, four months after lenny harris was last seen in alexandria and five days after his body was found in the bottom of a well, prince georges county police have arrested 49-year-old lin wood johnson and charged him with first-degree murder. according to police, johnson knew lenny harris, a well known alexandria community activist. harris was last seen in alexandria on september 21. the next day, a man was caught on surveillance video. and later that day, harris' phone was found on the woodrow wilson bridge. harris' car was found on october 11 in prince georges county. the motive for the murder was robbery, but they are not giving any details at this point, siting the extremely
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active on going investigation. >> we have recovered, what we believe to be the murder weapon. the murder weapon is the firearm. mr. lin wood johnson gave a full written and verbal confession to prince georges county police department homicide detectives just a few hours ago. >> once again, a 49-year-old resident has been arrested and charged with first degree murder in al san alexandria. they expect many more people to be arrested shortly. >> matt, thank you so much. tonight, police are looking for the vandals who struck a mosque under construction. >> that mosque was damaged so badly over the weekend, some are urging the crime investigated be treated as a hate crime. >> peggy fox joins us live where she has the latest. peggy. >> the muslim community here
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was just weeks away from opening its brand-new mosque. until vandals hit with avengeance. if police find out who did it, it could be classified a hate crime. >> it could be somebody who really targeted the mosque and made it to look like it. >> it was a heartbreaking discovery for the muslim community, which was weeks away from opening its new mosque. >> they did not leave one window untouched. >> each custom made window has been broken or shattered or in the case of the reenforced windows, damaged. >> at least four times. >> the vandals struck overnight sunday, using bottles of alcohol, cinder block, or 2 by 4's from the construction site to bash the windows. >> they look like beer bottles and all the way up. >> they just hurled things. >> i found the bottles on the roof. >> damage is between $60,000
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to $80,000. >> local people of the muslim community have paid to build their mosque out of their pocket. he believes given the nature of the attack on the building, that it's most likely a hate crime. >> there are always going to be people who don't like this. but the majority of the people within this area, you know, are very accepting and are very loving people. >> behind the mosque is a pile of empty beer cans and bottles of alcohol. the project manager says police collected forensic evidence from what looked like blood spilled by one of the vandals. >> i think that's an expensive thing, and probably to their families, i feel bad for their families because this is $80,000 worth of damage and someone is going to have to pay for it. >> the council on american islamic affairs is calling for this crime to be investigated a hate crime. police say they don't have any evidence yet to suggest that.
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they do, however, have forensic evidence in the form of blood and fingerprints and the community here believes the vandals will be caught. i'm peggy fox, back to you. >> like you said, peggy, somebody has to pay in more ways than one. >> caught on tape, something you don't see every day. a deer in a public library. bruce johnson has the story and the video from southwest d.c. >> the highland branch of the d.c. public library is closed for repairs in a major clean up. this after a deer caught on security tape and cell phone video crashed through an entrance. >> came and hit the car. once it hit the car, it ran straight into the library. >> deer came through just before 1:00. ten minutes later, in the library would have been open to the public, perhaps with small children inside. >> i was back in the back checking my e-mail and i heard a crash. >> maria perry, a 26 year employee, the branch manager
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was one of two employees who escaped injury when the intruder came crashing through. >> i'm looking. i'm like what is that? oh, got up and started charging. had to barricade an office. >> d.c. police and animal control were summoned. the deer was tranquilized. >> it should have closed on friday. a spanking new library is going up right around the corner. should open sometime in march. >> construction on the new $15 million permanent washington highlands library continues. clean up and repairs to the interim, store front facility will begin later in the week. bruce johnson, 9news now. >> and bruce reports that deer had to be euthanized. anita. >> our warm winter weather continues. this is a live look outside where even as the sun goes down on the district, temperatures still feel spring-like. we have live team coverage. anny hong is live at the title
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basin. nice assignment, but we start with topper. are we going to get a repeat performance? >> it's going to stay warm tonight and tomorrow. we may have to mix in showers. but let's put things into perspective. they have been blooming all over the place. this was sent to us last week. allen, the daffodils are up high. those are the biggest ones i have seen. those are full bloom and that's sort of a tell tail sign of what's been going on. spring and winter, 71 at national. that is safe, but so far, they hit 65 and that tied their old mark in 1993. and just really to understand how crazy this is. 65, that's the average on april 10. that's how crazy we are right now. still 64 downtown. still in the 60s in gaithersburg and frederick. even cumberland is 64. oakland is in the 50s. now for tonight, a light jacket should do you. clear skies early. clouds come in late. breezy and milder.
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winds continue breezy, southwest at 10 to 15. and 40 to 45. that would be a normal day in terms of high temperatures. but nothing has been normal this winter so far and anny is out on the title basin and what have you found so far? things in bloom? >> oh yeah, topper. lots of things in bloom from trees, as you mentioned, daffodils in full bloom. this cherry tree, a unique tree, where a lot of little pink blossoms showing right now. we ask what does this mean for the rest of the cherry trees along the title basin? >> i don't ever recall seeing this many fully flowers open in january. >> don't get too excited about an early cherry blossom along the title basin just yet. this tree may be blooming earlier than usual, but experts say the different kind from the japanese cherry tree that usually attracts millions tourists every spring. >> this is the tree that is
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getting everybody excited. this is a completely different species. we have two down here. >> even gardeners at the british embassy report early blooms about two months ahead of schedule. daffodils bloomed along with apricot and maple trees. all showing signs the mild spring-like winter we've been having. >> this has been blooming since new years. so very uncommon. we probably won't have a single fruit on this this year because this will get burnt. no problem. no doubt. >> this is much too early. >> even the bees in this beehive at the british embassy are buzzing with activity on a warm day like today. pollinating what they can. spring may feel a buzz on days like today with high temperatures reaching into the 60s. but experts caution it's too early to say they'll bloom early. right now they are not showing any signs of budding yet. >> cherry trees are smarter than a few days of warm weather.
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if you look at the cherry trees now, the buds may have taken up a little water, they are still really, really tight. they know the difference. it's still january, we still have february to come. >> okay, so the earliest peek bloom we've had on record is march 15, which was back in 1990. so still a will the of variables have to be taken into account. experts say if the mild weather does continue into the spring, it's definitely a possibility that these cherry blossoms could be coming to peek a little earlier. again, it's too early to say. we're live in washington, anny hong, 9news now, back to you. >> the title basin looks gorgeous behind you. thanks a lot, anny. >> well, on occupy d.c., a federal judge is allowing the park police to enforce that no camping rule, but he also says if the park service wants to come back and kick those occupy d.c. protesters off mcpherson
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square, then they will have to come back to the judge to get permission for that. bruce leshan is live at mcpherson square where the action is still kind of slow there. bruce. >> well, i'll tell you what, derek. tempers runs a little bit hot down here. just over an hour ago, guy turned up with a pair of scissors. he called the protesters a human stain and he proceeded to cut down the big tarp that they've spread on the mcpherson statue, what they call their tent of dreams. the guy didn't get too far. first there was a scuffle with some of the protesters and a whole bunch of police officers took the guy away in hopes of keeping the peace. his name is rick mangus and he thinks the tents are a blight.
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police do want that big tent. the tent of dreams to come down and the protesters have been negotiating. they say they will take it down if police let them keep sleeping here in the park. park police listen to that, they are thinking it over, but you have to think that is an unlikely deal. derek, back to you. >> the wait continues. bruce leshan, we thank you. all right, let's remind you about some things if you take metro. starting tomorrow, the south entrance to the dupont circle station is going to be closed for escalator repairs. people at the north entrance to guide you through the crowds and get you to the red line. metro says crews will workdays, nights, and weekends to get the work done as quickly as possible. repairs are expected to last nine months. coming up, martin o'malley testifies in favor of legalizing gay marriage. he says it's a matter of protecting children. we'll go live to annapolis. but up first, florida voters
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head to the polls following a bitter republican primary campaign. we're going to talk live with face the nation's bob shaefer when we come back. [ man ] launch sequence initiated.
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florida voters are going to the polls to choose the republican candidate they want to challenge president obama in november. polls predict mitt romney will finish on top. newt predicts the fight will go on for another six months. with unemployment at nearly 10% and high foreclosure rates, a record number of florida republicans are expected to vote in the biggest primary
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contest so far. 50 delegates are at stake tonight. winner takes all. and joining us live from warm and sunny miami is face the nation host, bob shaefer. and bob, i guess unless everybody is wrong, this is mitt romney's night. >> reporter: it sure looks that way. apparently they did a survey of the people who voted early and he got a big part of that vote. at least that's what the survey down here shows. he has poured a ton of money, about $16 million in advertising into this. that's about five times what newt gingrich's people have spent and it is 96%, i believe the number, negative. so, this has been a nasty one, but they are expecting a really big turnout, probably 2 million people are going to vote down here. so it is being hard fought. it's going to go right down to the wire. i don't think that the one who
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wins here and it looks like that is going to be mitt romney. i don't think that means he has won the nomination. he comes out of here looking strong. i'd say that. >> newt gingrich would say he has a nomination regardless of whether mitt romney wins or not. you seem to think that may be the case. >> well, i mean, i think most observers right now would say that if romney wins here and wins substantially, he'll kind of be the favorite. but no, i'm not counting newt gingrich out. look. this guy has risen from the dead twice and there's nothing to suggest he's lost the ability to do that. he has not had much money. he has not had much organization. he has done it all with his skills. one thing that is in his favor is that the elections from here on the caucuses and primaries, they are all proportional.
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he will pick up some delegates. the person who wins won't necessarily win all the delegates. this is the lance of the winner take all primaries, i think. so there's a wide divide, lesli, in the republican party. there's a large part of it. these tea party folks who just don't warm to mitt romney. and so as long as that exists and as long as the gingrich stays in there, i think he has a chance to go into this convention, if not with more delegates than mitt romney, in a position where he could challenge him at the convention. this may not be decided until we get to the convention. i suspect it probably will, but i think that's still a possibility. >> you said it, it is certainly a hard fought primary season for sure and we'll see what happens later tonight. bob, thanks so much. >> reporter: you bet, lesli. >> and we have other contests coming up after today's vote, the next contest is saturday in
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nevada. that's when that state holds its caucus. a week have today, voters cast ballots. arizona and michigan are next, holding their primaries february 28, and in five weeks, it is super tuesday, the contest in virginia and nine other states. everybody gets to go out on the terrace tonight. >> why wouldn't you want to? >> it's just a night that you don't expect on the last day of january. >> is it warming up? >> yes, it is. >> not that much cooler than it was in miami. it's 76 in miami and 54 here. is this pretty nice. >> we shouldn't get too used to it. >> perhaps not. >> his biggest snow was 10- inches in october. will the second biggest snow be in march or april. here's a live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. a nice evening. it is breezy, but the breeze brings warmer air, so 64 right now under partly cloudy skies. winds are still out of the south, southwest at 15 and
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gusting stronger than that. look at the dew point. dew point is 27. relative humidity is only 25%. that's unusual also to see the temperatures that warm and also that dry. all right, satellite picture radar combined. a couple things to watch. you see the moisture gathering to the south. the weak system headed our way tomorrow. you may want to bring your umbrella. we aren't looking at a rain event at all. right now, clouds come back in late tonight. and that will keep temperatures up along with southwest winds. in fact, temperatures right now are in the 60s across the board. 62 in bethesda. 62 in great falls. 63 down in springfield. 63 up in beltsville. 6 had 4 in college park. i mean, again, this is early to mid april. still warm tomorrow. breezy and milder tonight. grab your umbrella wednesday, not a lot of activity. cooler and wet thursday and a nice finish on friday. finished a week strong. for tonight, clear skies early. clouds come in late.
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breezy and milder. 40 to 45. that should be our average high right now. normal high temperatures. winds southwest 10 to 15. low tonight, everyone stays above 40, or at least 40 above. 45 in arlington. 42 in fairfax. 42 in rockville and 42 in bowie. for lows, not highs. now tomorrow, in the morning, mostly cloudy, breezy, and mild. 40s and 50s. by afternoon, mostly cloudy, breezy and warm. a few showers. high temperatures still 60 to 65. winds will turn and become northwesterly at 10 to 15. but not looking for temperature fall. there's no cold air in sight. all right, next seven days look like this. we're going to keep it gorgeous on friday. temperatures around 50. saturday a little bit cooler. clouds come in. light rain possible late. temperatures mid 40s. mid 40s on sunday. some showers possible. then we're looking at temperatures in the upper 40s. showers in the low 50s on
5:21 pm
tuesday. speaking of tuesday, best shot day. very nice shot of the bridge. thought this was nicely done. you want to send something into us, go to our website, click on the weather tab. please include your name, location, and description. i had some great pictures of eagles. i had no name. if you're listening, send the pictures back with a name and we'll put them on the air on thursday. >> eagle photographer, listen up. send in that name. >> that's right. >> thanks a lot, top. coming up, a man sleeping up inside his home wakes up when a car lands on him and he lives to tell the tail. >> a grim milestone in the recovery mission at the site of the capsized italian cruise ship.
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the search has now been called off for 16 people still missing after that cruise ship ran aground in italy.
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italian officials say it's just too dangerous now for the divers involved in the recovery. the costa concordia ran aground on january 13. 17 bodies have been recovered and all but one of them have been identified. now the owner of the costa concordia is taking a big financial hit in the wake of the disaster. carnival cruises is forecasting a loss this year of almost $400 million. the company says fewer people are booking cruises with them since the accident. carnival is trying to figure out whether the costa concordia can ever be repaired. >> a fast and furious chase through the streets of l.a. >> suspected stolen car had several close calls as it weaved in and out of traffic with speeds up to 90 miles an hour. police called off the chase, but their helicopter kept an eye on that gray honda. the driver bailed out on foot, but he was found by a canine team. a second person in that car managed to get away. >> another police chase led to
5:26 pm
an incredible crash up in connecticut. an suv came to rest on top of a sleeping man after it crashed into the bedroom of a house. 34-year-old michael sweat was conscious as the rescue workers labored more than an hour to get the vehicle off of him. >> somebody is under the car right now. they are trying to take him off. he is still in there talking. >> suffered second and third degree burns. he is expected to survive. police are still looking for the driver of that suv who somehow jumped out and ran away after the crash. >> coming up, a man trapped under a different car starts saying good-bye to his daughter when real life heros come to the rescue. also ahead, dozens of people try to break the record for the most people water skiing. all being pulled by one boat. check that out. we'll be right back. and i'm scott broom live at the state house in annapolis. when we come back, we'll talk about what is new with a gay
5:27 pm
marriage debate in maryland and the critical role african american churches in prince georges county are playing in this issue. stay tuned.
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for the first time today, maryland governor martin o'malley testified in favor of same sex marriage. the question tonight, will it have any effect on the prince
5:30 pm
georges county lawmakers who were at the epicenter of this debate? sharply dividing maryland. scott broom is live at the state house tonight with reactions to the day's emotional events. scot, fill us in. >> it's really important to understand the history of this issue in maryland. you have to remember, last year, same sex marriage came up a couple votes short as powerful african american churches in prince georges county leaned hard on their delegates to go against the democratic leadership in maryland. >> marriage should be defined between what? >> one man and one woman. >> there you go. >> african american church leaders back again doing battle at an antigay marriage rally in annapolis last night. >> they don't know our god. >> part of religious freedom is respect for the freedom of individual conscious. >> on the other side, governor martin o'malley, a catholic, who for the first time testified in favor of same sex marriage in a senate hearing
5:31 pm
today. >> it's not right and it is not just. that the children of gay couples should have lesser protection than the children of other families in our state. >> it's about love. we all love each other. >> jay walker explains that while african american lawmakers are a democratic block the governor can usually count on, not when powerful churches in the county are opposed. >> many of us go there when it's campaign time. they accept us, they welcome us, and they don't ask for much. this is one of the instances where they are asking. >> there's diversity in prince georges, too, like pastor's darlene and candy holmes. >> all black people do not look alike and all black people do not think alike. >> surprise, they're a married, same sex couple who raised children. >> this is not a religious issue, it's a civil issue. indeed, i believe it is an issue of civil rights. >> so this year this bill has
5:32 pm
been rewritten to offer assurances to churches that no church will be forced to perform a same sex marriage or recognize a same sex marriage. the big question in the debate this year is whether or not that compromise is enough to peel off just a few votes needed in the house of delegates to get it through this time around. reporting live in annapolis at the state house, scott broom, 9news now. >> we'll have to wait and see what happens. derek. >> earlier today, i discussed this issue with marty, national field director of the human rights campaign and alex moonny. i started off by asking why he cares at all if two men he doesn't know want to get married. >> between one man and one woman, the best thing for children is to have a mom and a dad. it's disappointing that governor o'malley has chosen this. this is a divisive issue. we have serious problems to deal with. jobs, the economy. maryland was last in job creation, the whole country in
5:33 pm
2010. homosexual people want jobs, too. you would think that he would look at creating jobs, rather than trying to push this gay rights issue. >> is this something that shouldn't be pushed right now? isn't the economy the real story? >> of course the economy is really important and it's important for all maryland families. and that's what this bill does. this bill makes maryland families stronger. and all families and all children deserve to be equally protected under the law and only through marriage can we ensure that all kids are equally protected. >> house speaker says this is a civil rights issue and therefore everybody aught to be on the same side. why aren't you? >> i disagree with the premise with what marty said. they want to redefine family for one particular group. so you know, some groups want polygamy. we can't redefine family. >> why do you care? i'll get back to my point. why do you care whether two men or two women get married? they want the same thing you want. what is wrong with that? >> for the last couple
5:34 pm
thousand years, it's been shown mom and dad is the best thing for children and society. that's what i believe. frankly homosexual people should be happy to live in this country. they have equal rights. they have the right to own a house, have a job, live free of harassment, the constitution protects everybody equally. this is a special privilege. not anybody can get married and we want to do what is best for the families and children. >> is two women and two men getting married bad? >> they are family. it's love and commitment. when people want to get married, if they don't want to get married for rights and benefits. love and commitment there and they want to show that love publicly. and so alex has two kids, i have two kids. we want our kids protected. we want to do everything we can to protect our kids. and in maryland law, equal marriage rights. >> you would say that, but you dediscriminated against someone who wants two wives.
5:35 pm
muslims, mormons. we define marriage, i believe the definition of marriage, this country is based on christian principles. it's a man and a woman. people can make their own lifestyle choices, it's their freedoms to do . >> that. >> this bill failed because church leaders did not want that. okay, they feel like it's wrong. that it's a basic wrong. how would you respond. >> what happens here in the bill. the bill has been modified. governor o'malley worked with legislative leaders to make sure it's a clear understanding that religious liberty is protected and respected. no church, no religious institution needs to sanction a wedding if they don't want to. nothing changes religious institutions at all. >> there was a coalition of african american democrats and republicans that killed this bill last year. there's more important things to deal with. and certainly, people of religious value should be
5:36 pm
worried about this. >> everybody taking a side on this one. we want to thank alex moonny. this is a debate. more fallout from the corruption scandal involving harry thomas. the person who oversaw the children and youth trust investment corporation resigned from her current position as the director of the district homeland security agency. thomas funneled $100,000 through the children and youth trust to pay for a 2009 inaugural party. west has denied any wrong doing and says she thought the party expense was a legitimate use of agency money. a new study finds a significant complication for many breast cancer patients who choose a certain type of surgery. but up next, caught in the act, a pair of accused puppy snatchers are off the hook after paying for their crimes. and don't forget, we're always on, stay with us.
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caught on tape, a pair of puppy snatchers caught in the act. the man and woman taking a chow from the pet store in southern california last week. the man pretends to pick out a dog as a distraction. the store employee opens up the kennel, takes the dog into a play room and as they are doing that, the woman opens the kennel, takes the puppy, and then hustles out the store. now after this video aired on tv, a woman offered a shopper $20 to take an apology note and $600 to the pet store as payment for the stolen puppy. the store owner has decided to accept the apology and not press charges. a california man who was
5:40 pm
part of a scary ordeal. >> his daughter looking on helplessly believing he was about to die. >> he started saying things like, i want you to know how much i love you and tell your mom i love her and all this -- all these things. >> wow. citrus heights police got to the scene. they found a jack and they were able to get the car off. >> he took a breath, regained consciousness and able to start talking again. >> i want to thank them for my life and they are worth every tax dollar i pay. >> there you go. now besides a few broken ribs, he is back at work and things are getting back to normal. i don't think anybody will forget this moment. >> from ski to shining ski. check out this record breaker. 145 water skiers pulled behind one boat. they remained on their skis for a mile to break their own record they set with 114 water
5:41 pm
skier. expected to recognize this within the next few weeks. that is quite a formation. >> i'm excited about that boat. look how big that is. >> still to come, here we go again. we'll answer some of your questions after the latest aftershock of the august earthquake shakes part of our area. top. >> temperatures still in the 60s. 64 downtown. 64 in manassas. may have to grab your umbrella. >> but first, a life changing treatment for cystic fibrosis. today's breakthrough is next. i'll have that in my health alert.
5:42 pm
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5:44 pm
the first drug got fda approval today. it's called colidaco and life changing treatment for a small group of patients. these are people with the genetic defect that attacks directly, improving lung function, reducing sticky mucus buildup. helping extend their life. this is the first step that will help everyone with cystic fibrosis. a deadly condition. >> a new study says drugs have just as much cholesterol lowering power in women as men. even though other research had hinted at a gender difference.
5:45 pm
a team at boston mass general pulled together 18 different studies. talking about 140,000 people involved and the results showed that in both men and women, stattens significantly cut the risk of a first time heart attack. these include crestor. 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the u.s. every year. and many of them opt for something called a partial mastectomy to save some of their breast, but for 1 in 4, one surgery won't be enough. >> laura was diagnosed with breast cancer this past september. at age 43. she was in shock. >> it seemed not real. it seemed like it wasn't happening. >> ten days later, doctors removed. >> a week later, i had to have a second incision and a week later, i had to have a third surgery. >> a new study out today finds
5:46 pm
laura's story is too common. nearly one in four women need additional surgery after partial mastectomy. >> a lot of different techniques have been applied to reduce this percentage further with different technologies, with different imaging. ways of doing the surgery. nothing so far universally has been able to do that. >> in a partial mastectomy, doctors remove the cancer along with a margin of normal breast tissue around it. but the study found there's no clear consensus on how big that margin should be. the doctor says at least a millimeter all around. >> 360 degrees all around the cancer. in order to feel we completely removed that disease. >> additional surgery may be needed, but the goal is to conserve as much of the breast as possible. >> if i could save my breast, i would do anything to save my breast. >> laura knew the risks and after three surgeries, found it worth it. >> so, a lot for women to
5:47 pm
think about. partial mastectomies take more tissue than a lumpectomy. looking into a new device called a margin probe to determine if the margins around the cancer are clean, hopefully reducing future trips to the or. well another aftershock from that august earthquake shook parts of northern virginia last night. now this time it hit about ten miles south, southeast of mineral and it registered 3.2 magnitude. now we got several reports of damage on the wusa9 facebook page, like this post who wrote, quote, it shook my whole house and knocked all of my plates off the shelf. i have a big crack in the foundation. we also got some questions about whether a controversial practice of drilling for natural gas, known as fracking could be to blame. we can tell you, while there have been studies done, scientists say that as of now, there's no evidence that the drilling technique is behind
5:48 pm
the august quake or any of these many aftershocks. all right. thank you, derek. and what is behind all this unseasonally warm weather? >> you know, we have to put things into perspective. this is like early april. we might think this has been an unusually warm january. it's not going to be in the top 20. anchorage is going to go to the top four coldest januaries. in fair bank, average temperature is minus 23, i believe. >> we are good. >> we're real good. >> let's start with a live look outside. there's the capital. a little breezy, but remember, that's a warm breeze. 64 right now. dulles hit 66 for a new record high. dew point 27. the pressure is beginning to fall now. winds out of the south, southwest at 15. and they will be gusty. that's going to bring in the warmer air and stay warm tonight and also tomorrow. so here's the deal.
5:49 pm
we're looking at a little bit of clouds earlier today, we have clear skies now, but clouds will come back at us. they are now in ohio and also into west virginia. this is not a big system. it's not a very well organized system. so you're a gambler, you can leave your umbrella home. 61 in arlington. still 60 in bethesda. 59 in leesburg and off to the north, 61 in gaithersburg. 64 in college park and 62 in beltsville. okay, so here's the deal. still warm tomorrow. breezy and milder tonight. okay, grab your umbrella tomorrow. a few showers. also sunshine tomorrow. cooler and wet on thursday and then a very nice first name on friday. we can't compare, you know, today with friday. but if we erase the day, friday is going to be great. for tonight, clear skies early. clouds come in late. breezy and milder. lows 40 to 45. winds out of the southwest 10 to 15. that will help keep the warm air here. lows, everybody is in the 40s.
5:50 pm
unusual. gaithersburg 41. rockville 42. 42 in reston and in fairfax. 44 downtown. and 42 in bowie and 43 down toward brandy wine. that's where we should be for highs. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy, breezy, and mild. showers possible. 40s and 50s. winds out of the southwest 10 to 15. there will be spots that will have a wet commute. it won't be a wet commute across the board. by afternoon, mostly cloudy, breezy, and warm. a few showers. high 60 to 65 despite the showers and despite the clouds. pretty impressive. we'll break it down. 6:00 in the morning, some clouds in the 40s. showers to the west of us. by noon, maybe a sprinkle, but sun. 59 to 64 by evening. a warm finish to the month. no doubt about that. all right, here's the deal. the next three days, it's going to get cooler on thursday. ground hog day. you may or may not see a shadow with the showers.
5:51 pm
pretty good back half of the day and nice on friday. if we didn't have today, we would be jumping for joy. that is a pretty good deal. okay, next seven days. it will turn cooler over the weekend and also a little bit unsettled. clouds come in. some light rain possible late saturday and saturday night. highs only in the mid 40s. maybe some left over showers or light rain. mid 40s, and back into the upper 40s as we get into monday. still a chance of a shower, but then, next tuesday, temperatures go back into the low 50s. so no arctic air yet. >> starting to feel a breeze while we're out here. >> a little bit. >> it's a southwest wind. >> absolutely. >> all right. thanks so much. it's anchor bowl time all week. dave owens and i go head to head to find out who is the superior athlete and who can embarrass themselveses the least. in round one, we channel our
5:52 pm
inner forest gump. >> today, we're at the ping- pong academy in rockville. i'm here with my man who will take us through how i'm going to win this thing. is there any truth she will -- i'm ready to go. >> let's do it. >> my lucky paddle. >> check this out. >> here we go. >> hey. >> what am i not doing? >> you're up. >> you ready there? >> ready. >> here we go. >> look at that. >> can you get extra points for get ting ting it in the
5:53 pm
bucket? >> catching up. >> oh, there was a man. >> can we make some changes over here? >> the game point. oh. >> look at this. special k in the house. i guess the years of tennis really paid off. >> going to present this nice racket for you. >> i'm a real champion. i get the champion racket. >> what do i get? i was here, too. >> i give you back your old racket. >> it has a footprint, too. >> she stepped all over you. >> she did. >> yup, kristen won. dave zero. i had my lucky socks on, too. tune in tonight at 11:00. i never said we were good at table tennis, we just try. we get a lot of practice. round two, anita, over to you. >> sounds great, we are going
5:54 pm
to look forward to round two. we go live to florida as voters head to the polls. >> plus, new intelligence by iran could be a real possibility. >> up next, one legend honors another. a call to action.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
welcome back. singer john legend at the kennedy center to pay tribute
5:57 pm
to d.c. native and motown legend. >> mark the 40th anniversary of the legendary performance of, what's going on. >> as bruce johnson shows us, legend helped launch what's going on now? a campaign aimed to get young people to use the arts and social media to get involved in their community. ♪ [ music ] it was 40 years ago that d.c. native son, marvin gay, called the young masses to get involved on nearly every social and political front. ♪ [ music ] today at the kennedy center, john legend was singing marvin gay's, what's going on. still relevant today, with students for the arts.
5:58 pm
♪ [ music ] much has changed in 40 years since he performed from, what's going on in this building. much remained the same. >> too much unemployment in america. too many homeless people on the streets. >> students know the issues, many are living. >> i lost six of my friends. my senior year alone in my neighborhood. they were all murdered. >> we got to wear this. we have to sing this type of song. you know, we have to be somebody who we don't want to be. i think society is also changing and teaching us to be individuals. >> john legend hopes to inspire the students using the arts and social media and marvin gay's music. >> kids are very aware of their surroundings and the world is getting smaller and smaller to them. they need a little bit of catalyst. bruce johnson, 9news now. >> the kennedy center is
5:59 pm
encouraging young people to go to the website, what's going on and john legend will be back in may for two concerts. this is 9news now. the polls will be open for another hour in florida. 50 delegates are up for grabs for mitt romney, newt gingrich, and ron paul. right now, romney leads the delegate count with 33. gingrich has 25. santorum has 14. and ron paul has just four. before the voting was finished in florida, early ballots were being cast in ohio. danielle nottingham is live in tampa watching the polls there. danielle. >> reporter: it's been a week full of name calling and negative ads and even though there are four names on the ballot, it's a two-man race. mitt romney hopes to take the stage as the primary winner.


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